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Patrizia Ferreira received a bachelor degree in textile design from the Institute of Industrial Design in Montevideo, Uruguay and a Master of Science degree in textile design for prints from Philadelphia University (now Thomas Jefferson University). She is an educator and artist working in Madison, WI.


Patrizia Ferreira’s work aims to transcend the mundane. She experiences her work as a refuge or escape from reality. Her pieces appear as a window into another dimension. As a Uruguayan national living in the United States, she understands very well what it is to live in parallel worlds. In her work she explores that duality by creating an aspirational scene that has little to do with her surroundings or even her country of origin, but rather is the product of her memories and dreams.


In her work she envisions magical places full of exotic plants and flowers, exuberant foliage and exotic peoples. Visual utopias that can only exist in our imaginations transport us to a fantastic land of sensuality and abundance.


Nature, but particularly botany provide her with an endless source of inspiration.

She is also very influenced by the Italian Renaissance stereotype of beauty with its perfect symmetry, and harmonious shapes as well as, surrealism and outsider art. The work of specific artists such as, Frida Kahlo, Henri Rousseau, and the work of Gee’s Bend quiltmakers is also of great influence.


Her pieces although in appearance the product of the Garden of Eden carry in them a level of conflict and tension. The use of a disposable material such as, the ubiquitous “plastic bag” is intentional. Beautiful scenes of natural exuberance are depicted with the use of this and other materials in an effort to force us to confront the ugly truth about ourselves and the state of our planet. Plastic is destroying our planet, causing irretrievable damage to the oceans, endangering sea species, as well as polluting the air and soil, and becoming a real problem to dispose of. In her work she intends to call our attention, to alert us of the risks of not changing our behavior and of the infinite beauty that lies on earth.


She uses many different textile techniques to create her pieces including:

embroidery, beading, hand stitching, and applique.

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