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Invasive Species

A Flag created for the opening exhibit of “This Time, Tomorrow” at 21C Hotel Durham.


The theme behind “Invasive Species” speaks of the slow pace of change, of how gradually at a nano level, through the slow passage of time, without us noticing, things around us are constantly evolving. Whether these changes are healthy for our human existence is of no importance to nature. Nature, will continue, life goes on and must go on.

The slow pace of the stitch employed for generating this piece is an analogy to this ever evolving, slow progression of life. The employment of a single stitch, applied in a random, but persistent, relentless manner is intentional, mirroring the work of ants, or fungi or other slow growing organisms. At a more superficial level, the piece hopes to raise awareness to the health of our waterways and how plastic and other pollutants are contaminating such an essential source of life. One without which humans can’t survive. Water is one of our most precious assets. The images depicting oil spills in translucent, pristine Caribbean waters, or the Giant Pacific Garbage Patch are grotesque to the point of seeming unreal. It is hard to believe we would do something so destructive to one of our most essential natural resources. But the harm is deeper than any visual can capture. 

To symbolize the phenomenon of ever evolving change, the piece is expected to bear witness to change over the days and weeks that it is hanging at the front entrance to 21C Durham. Subject to the passage of time, to wind, rain and other climate events. Looking at the piece under different lights and from different angles, will provide different views, not one the same symbolizing the constant metamorphoses of Nature its wisdom and power, long lasting, eternal.


Materials: single use plastic, repurposed curtains, repurposed bits of yarn and thread, heirloom lace pieces, wool and cotton yarn, several threads.


This piece was created entirely with hand stitches. Only the edges of the flag were machine sewn.


Size: 4ft x 7ft


October 2023 - November 2023

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