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A Esta Hora Mañana: Fabricando Resistencia  This Time Tomorrow: Crafting Resistance

September 2023 - November 2023

Solo Exhibit - 21C Durham. Durham, NC

This Time Tomorrow: Crafting Resistance, is an exhibition featuring the textile artworks of Patrizia Ferreira. In their work, Ferreira models the importance of personal deep listening, and yielding to focus on our planetary home, Earth. Her embroidered creations are gentle invitations for us to craft personal protests and community calls to action.   

“As an immigrant woman in the United States, I am in constant search for my “home”. I feel the need to dig into my past, to reinvent my homeland. This effort transports me to a land of legends, allegories, full of nostalgia and longing.”  

Today our home faces unprecedented ecological challenges, demanding our attention and care. Ferreira's artworks are a laborious record of environmental crisis and a radical call for systemic changes. Each artwork stitched at great lengths of time, Ferreira harnesses the power of technology at a meticulous pace to raise a collective spirit and hand craft solutions.  

“Central to my work is the employment of the most paradoxical of all materials, plastic. This choice isn’t casual, while it is one of the most successful of human inventions in the history of material science, its widespread use is one of the biggest contributors to the current state of our environment. Working with the plastic debris of our society, incorporating yarn, thread, fabric remnants, heirloom textiles, and found waste, I get to reconcile, to stitch, to patch, to mend the world around me.”  

Ferreira's work is an invitation to engage with craft, design and technology, as a practice of resilience.  

Curator, Jonh Blanco. Museum Manager

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